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It’s time to LevelUp with Unity – Resources & links

LevelUp Tour is over and all the resources are now available for getting started with Unity!

We saw some great games, creative developers and a lot of enthusiasm! It was great meeting you all and we’re pretty sure this wasn’t the last time we heard about you. Below you will find a lot of great information that will help you go forward with your games in the Windows Stores.

Head   on over to our SkyDrive-folder   to download the resources used during   the LevelUp-event. Make sure you also   check out the offering from Viope and   MVA.


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Make sure you complete the DVLUP challenges on time to earn   your XP. You can start collecting XP from   multiple different challenges and   buy yourself something nice, you’ve   earned it! 


Apply for AppAwards now

We saw a lot of great games being built during the tour. Make sure you apply for AppAwards and get additional visibility for your apps at http://www.microsoft.com/finland/appawards/

Apps made for Windows 8 tablets or Windows Phone can be submitted to competition during 1st July 2013 to 30th March 2014. Jury of Experts will select every month some apps that are already released to Store and submitted to App Award competition

The recordings from the event are also available:

Also check Andy’s other training that talks more about 3D stuff:



AppCampus joins LevelUp with funding worth over 500 000€

Do you want 50 000€ for porting your game to Windows platform?
AppCampus is funding finnish game developers with over 500 000€ during the LevelUp tour. In each location you will find an AppCampus team who will run AppCampus-clinic. You’ll get to pitch to the AppCampus screening team, ask questions about the program and receive valuable guidance.

AppCampus is looking for 4 – 5 teams from each LevelUp-city to grant a 20 000€ or 50 000€ funding. To be eligible you must fit the criteria defined at http://www.appcampus.fi/faq

The Windows Phone SDK 8.0 is now available

Windows Phone 8 is here, and with it comes new and exciting devices, along with more markets and languages, making it easier than ever to build great apps for a larger audience. See what’s new in the SDK.

Start here to take advantage of new opportunities to create apps targeting both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.



Usefull links for Windows 8

Below you find lots of new and recently updated articles in the Dev Center that address some of the burning topics we’re hearing from the field and partners.

Help with app certification

· Windows 8 app certification requirements. This guiding document is updated to include more details and examples of what’s required to pass certification.

· Avoiding common certification failures Driven by the app certification team, this new topic lists common reasons why apps fail certification.

· Resolving certification failures This new article contains an entry for each certification requirement, and lists the current recommendations for resolving common failures. When a developer learns that their app has failed certification, point them here.

· Index of UX guidelines: The index of UX guidelines is the checklist used to evaluate apps in the App Fast Track.

Developer registration

· Opening a developer account This topic explains the steps to open a Windows Store developer account. Once an account is open, developers can log into their Store Dashboard and start publishing apps.

· About strong authentication This topic explains how Microsoft Accounts are kept secure by requiring security proofs that use multiple forms of identification.

Publishing apps

· New getting started checklists tells different types of developers what they need to get started.

· Submitting your app describes the technical steps for how to submit an app.

In-app purchases

New articles on in-app purchases have been published to help address confusion.

· In-app purchase experience for a customer

· How to support in-app purchases

· Verifying purchases using receipts

Marketing materials

· Marketing your app In addition to articles on how to create a great app listing in the Windows Store,  you can get Windows Store logos, usage specifications, and other marketing assets (October 12, 2012).


TechDays 2013 call for presentations

Do you want to present for other Windows 8 or Windows Phone developers?

Send a short description of your subject and something about yourself to msdnfi@microsoft.com before the end of October

It’s your time to shine now!


ic logoGet Involved and Make a Difference

Answer the call. Enter to compete in the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 Windows Phone Challenge and create software that can really make a broad impact in the world. Now is your chance to experiment and make your work available on a mobile device used by millions. Great apps start with strong functionality, add device-focused utility, and finish with an outstanding Windows Phone user experience. Plus you will be able to install the Windows Phone SDK which includes Expression Blend 4 for Windows Phone, Visual Studio Express for Windows Phone and the Windows Phone Emulator. Your ideas combined with great tools – which one of the world’s toughest problems will you solve? Get started on your solution today.

Ready to Get Started?

We know you are excited, but before you start building the next Windows Phone app that benefits people around the globe, take a few minutes to read the Windows Phone Challenge Rules and the Imagine Cup Official Rules and Regulations.

Next: Register and sign up to compete in the Microsoft Imagine Cup 2012 student technology competition, using the steps on this page.

Returning to Imagine Cup? You can skip Step 1 and sign in now at the top of the page using your email address and password from last year. You still need to sign up for the Windows Phone Challenge through your My Profile page. Read the Windows Phone Challenge Rules first but if you want to get started now, take a look below at what is required for Round 1.

New to Imagine Cup? Follow these four steps and you are on your way!

Step 1. Register. We need some basic information from you before you can get started.

Step 2. Sign up to compete in the Windows Phone Challenge through your My Profile page.

Step 3. Read the Windows Phone Challenge Rules before you begin your project.

Step 4. Start building your solution.

Round 1

Your Mission: Create and submit an Application Summary and a SketchFlow Prototype for a Windows Phone app that is inspired by the Imagine Cup 2012 ThemeImagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems. Round 1 submissions are due by 23:59 PM GMT on 13 March 2012.

Note: The Windows Phone Challenge is not intended for submission of games. Competitors who are interested in building games for Windows Phone should participate in the Imagine Cup 2012 Game Design: Phone Competition.

Need a Little Inspiration? Not sure which one of the world’s toughest problems you want to solve? Get motivated by one of the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals or take a look at the great ideas in Nokia’s IdeasProject. While these are not required to be in your solution, the Imagine Cup offers these ambitious challenges as a guide to promote change all around the world.

Get Connected. Follow the Imagine Cup Blog to gain access to new training and resources to help you with your project, read about past Imagine Cup competitors’ successes, and get tips from your captain.

oh yeah, that would be me !

New Phone Development tools Updates, BizSpark graduation, PDC Videos and WCF and more…


There is very good summery of latest Phone and PDC news at Channel 9

This week on Channel 9, Dan Fernandez is joined by Clint Rutkas, to discuss the week’s top developer news, including: