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Now available: Emulators for Windows Phone 8.0 Update 3

Microsoft just released new emulator images for Windows Phone 8.0 Updates 2 and 3 to the Microsoft Download Center.

Update 2 Emulators: The existing Windows Phone Update 2 (v 8.0.10322) emulator installer has been refreshed to support Visual Studio 2013 RTM development environments.

Update 3 Emulators: This is a new set of emulator images that correspond to Windows Phone Update 3. In addition to updating the existing five emulator images to 8.0.10512, Update 3 also includes a new 1080p image for emulating the Lumia 1520 experience.

Both of these emulator updates are optional installations for the Windows Phone SDK 8.0, available for WPDevs interested in testing their against the latest Windows Phone 8.0 updates. For more information, see the WPDev blog posts on the emulator updates and developing for large screen 1080p devices.

Happy new year!


Free Developer and Design mentoring available for your Windows 8 app (9th–10th of November)

This is something that YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!!


WOWZAPP is a worldwide Windows 8
coding and learning event organized by Microsoft. There will be 6 anchor points  and many satellite locations simultaneously around the world.


will host the anchor event for Western Europe! All of the events will start at 17:00 their local time and continue with a overnight coding and learning night aka the hackathon.

Check it out now at www.microsoft.fi/wowzapp



Why 24 hour night coding you may ask…

As Finland is an anchor location there will be many professional developer and designer onsite helping you during the hackathon. If you have a challenge in your project we’re there to solve it with you.

You’ll have the mentors reserved the whole time to help and if you have any problem that we can’t resolve with you there’s many other professionals simultaneously elsewhere in the world that we can connect with to be able to answer your questions.

NOW It’s time to register

for the greatest event ever! WOWZAPP will be a chance for you to meet a bunch of fellow developers from around the world, experience the newest devices and take your app to the next phase !

Register now at www.microsoft.fi/wowzapp

The event is free of charge

we’ll provide you with the training, mentors, food & beverages and a lot of fun activity through the code-night!
You don’t need any previous experience with Windows 8 app development, we’ll teach you! All you need is your amazing self and your laptop with Windows 8!

“but I already started a project”

no worries, then we can help you to tweak your app to be beutiful , fast and fluent and ready to be published to the Windows Store with potential 700 000 000 users.

Learn from the best

During the event we’ll have a ton of mentors to assist you with your app development. There will be local trainers and experts from our partners, such as Avanade, Symbio, User Intelligence and many more! There will also be international trainers like Arturo Toledo and Microsoft experts and product group representatives, to answer your toughest questions!

To get the most out of the experience you should sign up for either one of the workshops (App or Game) and the 24h code-night! There is also a extremely interesting Windows & Windows Phone seminar on Thursday, that you can attend!

Showcase your skills


It’s not just about developing apps, it’s about the community and the whole experience! During the event you’ll get to learn from fellow developers and designers. This is a great chance to showcase your apps to Microsoft staff and possibly get some extra visibility and promotion for your application.  We’ll also have some extra activity available for all of you through the night, so you will definitely be entertained!

We’ll also have the great Channel9 team join us for the event, so you’re definitely in for a treat!


“so what do I need to participate?” you may ask…

You need yourself and perhaps some colleagues to form a team, your laptops with Windows 8 on it and Windows 8 developer tools. If you don’t have the software we’ll provide them. Check out how to get ready for this awesome opportunity.

“what do I get from this?” you may ask…

well…the experience, the mentors, the connections, your great Windows 8 app, extra visibility to you app.

…and not to mention that you might walk away with brand new Windows 8 tablet and much much more..

For the great app ideas that you build the first version for Windows 8 and plan to build it for phone you might even get 20 000 € granted by AppCampus


Windows Store now open to all developers in 120 markets

Today’s 82 additional markets more than doubles our support toward enabling developer opportunity everywhere there’s a developer with desire. And as we’ve said before, we will just keep going. You can check out the complete list of supported markets on the Dev Center.

We’re also announcing a number of additional subscription program offerings that recognize and thank developers for their interest and commitment to Windows. All eligible MSDN subscribers receive a free, one-year Windows Store developer account as part of their MSDN benefits. (Eligible subscriptions include Visual Studio Professional, Test Professional, Premium, Ultimate, and BizSpark.) We have a program for students—DreamSpark—that similarly waives the subscription fee. And we have an offer for businesses in our BizSpark program, as well.

Throughout the Windows Store preview stages, we’ve seen fantastic interest from individual developers, large development houses and component and service providers. And as we’ve opened up new markets for onboarding and expanded our invitations, we’ve seen a great increase in both the number and diversity of apps—all during our preview milestones, before broad availability of the OS and before even the first production Windows 8 PC is in the market. And the Windows 8 PCs are on the way, with many unveiled recently at IFA.

If you’ve already signed up—fantastic. We’re ready for your app. Haven’t signed up yet? Getting started is easy—just go to the Windows Store Dashboard on the Windows Dev Center and sign up. The dev tools are free, the SDK is ready, and we have a ton of great supporting content to help you build your app and submit it for Store certification. Sign up now, reserve your app names—we look forward to seeing your app in the Store in time for the general availability of Windows 8.


The Windows 8 parties starts…NOW! Final Tools are available!

Tiles on the Start screen

Microsoft just published the blog post Windows 8 RTM is available for developers and new RTM developer content in the Windows Dev Center: http://dev.windows.com. The blog details how to get an evaluation version of Windows 8 RTM if you’re not part of one of our programs, touches on what’s new in the Dev Center, and overviews the migration guide for apps built on RP. 

Windows Dev Center RTM bits are now live!


  • Developer downloads – This single page gives access to all of the downloads you need to build apps, including Windows 8 RTM, Visual Studio Express 2012, design assets, code samples, and additional SDKs and tools.
  • Design resources – All Windows 8 design resources are located at design.windows.com. See case studies, category guidance, and get a new downloadable version of the UX guidelines for Windows 8 apps.
  • As you learn the design principles and guidelines, you’ll go through incremental learning – starting with requirements and then eventually to being able to generalize and see the basis for the guidelines. Be sure to watch this training at www.windowsuserexperience.com to help hone your depth of understanding. Once, twice, three times or more – You won’t regret it.
  • I encourage you to learn fundamental concepts around the grid and International Typographic Style (also known as Swiss style – see typography guidelines for Windows specific information). Grids are very familiar to those who have focused on web design, so now learn how grid patterns are applied to apps and the broader horizon. These two fundamentals will put you on the right course in decisions and problem solving around focusing the app on content and creating simple and honest design.
  • Developer content – The ‘Docs’ section of the Windows Dev Center is updated for RTM including more detailed API docs, new How-to articles, a new section for developing apps with C++ and DirectX, and many more samples.
  • Selling content – Find the Windows Store markets, how to price apps, and the latest versions of the Windows Store Agreements including the App Certification Requirements.
  • Community content – Access to developer forums, blogs, Dev Camps, and contacts and event listings
  • Windows 8 Developer Camps – Windows 8 Developer Camps are free, fun, no-fluff events for developers, by developers. You learn from experts in a low-key, interactive way and then get hands-on time to apply what you’ve learned, and we’ll be continuing them throughout the year, and will soon be adding Windows 8 Designer Camps as well. 

Blogs to read

Our engineering and Windows Store teams are blogging regularly. Remember to check these out.

· Windows 8 app developer blog: Get coding and design best practices and tips, and updates on events and offers for developers.

· Windows Store for developers blog: Get all the latest news on doing business in the Windows Store.

The fun starts now…ENJOY

New Windows Phone is here and goes on tour around Finland – Geeks On Wheels registration is open.



Check the the locations and register now:


8:00 AM
Arrival and Registration

9:00 AM
General information for Students
We’re going to talk about the tour, MSP-program, student tech clubs, ImagineCup and huippuedullinen.fi,
ITAcademy & FacultyConnection.

9:45 AM

10:00 AM
Windows Phone 7.5 Overview for Developers
Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) is a different kind of phone, architected to put the focus on end users and the people important to them. Developers on the Windows Phone platform build compelling, connected experiences that enhance the phone and integrate tightly with the end-user experience. In this session we’ll provide an overview of Windows Phone device and platform and discuss why you should make Windows Phone a platform for your apps.

10:45 AM
Building Windows Phone 7.5 Applications with Visual Studio 2010
In this session we’ll review how with Visual Studio you get all the tools you need to get your app to market fast. We’ll cover the basic tools for building Windows Phone apps including creating, editing, compiling and debugging. We’ll also cover deploying to physical devices and to the emulator for testing.

11:45 AM

12:45 AM
Building Windows Phone 7.5 Apps with Silverlight
This session will get you started building your first application. We’ll cover tooling and extensibility. We’ll also dive into the unique "Metro" design of Windows Phone and how with Silverlight your apps can feel to the end-user as if they are native. We’ll also show you how Expression Blend speeds collaboration between designers and coders.

1:45 PM
Windows Phone 7.5 Fast Application Switching, Tombstoning and Multitasking
With Windows Phone 7.5 comes the ability for users to switch quickly between running applications. This dramatically enhances the end-user experience and will be expected by end-users. In this session you’ll learn how fast app switching works and how to prepare your application for this new functionality. Finally we’ll cover how to incorporate background tasks into your applications for notifications, file transfers and audio.

2:45 PM

3:00 PM
Live Tiles and Push Notifications
The Live Tile is a defining experience of the Windows Phone 7.5 platform (Mango) and end-users have come to expect apps to provide full support for that. In this session we’ll dive deep into Live Tiles to review what they are, how to include them in your apps, as well as how to leverage the Push Notification service. We’ll also cover the newer capabilities in Mango including: multiple Live Tiles per app, Live Tiles that don’t require server side infrastructure and linking directly from toast notifications deep into pages of your app.

3:45 PM
Best Practices
Best practices from Artudo Toledo’s session (Marketing Product Manager, Silverlight & Expression team, Microsoft Corporation Redmond)

4:30 PM
Monetizing a Windows Phone 7.5 Application
This session will provide you with the insights you need into the tools and processes necessary to begin distributing and monetize your app in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Windows Phone 7.5 provides several distinctive characteristics (e.g. trial API) that you’ll take advantage of to build applications that stand out.

5:00 PM
What’s Next / Resources
In this hand-out you will find a road map for further learning on other and more advanced capabilities. We’ll send you on your way with a detailed list of resources that will help you stay on track as you design and develop your windows Phone app.

Event ends

Check out the the locations and register now

Getting Started With Windows Phone in Finland

Windows-Phone-7Where do you get the tools? What is the App Hub? How do you submit apps? Where can I get a phone?

Here’s a set of links to get you going on your path to Windows Phone world. Microsoft have a great community of MVP support, which can be found on the App Hub forums, or on Twitter #wpdev and #wpdevfi (for Finland) are the hashtags. Very good student community on Facebook can be found at http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/winphoaalto/.
There is also a Finnish professional focused group at LinkedIn.

Insofar as training, Microsoft arranged 2 day training about how to build apps for Windows Phone.

To see what the training was about check http://wpdev.ms/wpmgojs.  




Students and Faculties

If you are a teacher, faculty member or a student developer in Finland, your best first stop is to contact me as I have ways how you can get free phones to your Windows Phone classes.

My email is jukka.wallasvaara(at)microsoft.com and my twitter is @jukkaw.


We have phones for developers committed to building apps and games for Windows Phone. This isn’t a free ride program where we just hand out phones to people because they say they want one. You need to have a solid plan what you’re building and when you’re ready with it. I’ll help you getting a device if we agree together about the quality and timing of the app.

We have current retail phones, and in the coming weeks/months, we will have updated Mango retail hardware phones. We also have prototype Mango devices (which have the gyros not available on current retail devices), so if you are building an app which requires Mango hardware, you can make an ask of those as well. Let me know as it’s an easy way to get a phone for your final tests.

Online Resources


What is it?


App Hub

The central repository for all things Windows Phone for developers. This is where you will go to create an account, get the tools, submit and manage your apps, participate in forums, et.c


Getting Started

Your first stop to get going on dev


Getting Started

/w DiggTheDrazen

Very good resource for tips and trips with all codes available by @DiggTheDrazen http://www.DiggTheDrazen.com


The dev tools – FREE – are here



Some people need a little extra help, and this walkthrough of the developer registration should be useful



A little extra help on the submission process.


Certification Requirements

OK, your app is done, but will it pass cert? We aim to give you plenty of visibility into the process and be very transparent on why your apps failed, but please read through this.


Jump Start

A video series sponsored by Channel9, our developer focused online video destination portal.


Design Day

Every developer could probably use a little extra help with their app design. Here are some great tutorials all about the Metro UI design language for Windows Phone.


Absolute Beginners

There’s always the possibility that you are big on ideas, but maybe not so much on dev skills. That’s OK. We have a great course which will get you up to speed even if you are an absolute beginner.


Mango Hands On Labs

If you want to dig a little deeper, but prefer the lab walkthrough format, we have some great labs here for you.


Mobile Champs

Our mobile champs are our developer evangelists in different areas. They are empowered to do whatever it takes to make you successful. They will have invites to in person Windows Phone training events, access to coding resources, will be able to introduce you to our marketing programs once your apps are in Marketplace, and they have phones and tokens for App Hub accounts (if cost of an account is a hardship). I’m working as a champ in Finland but if you’re from other company and don’t know who to contact see the champ list below.


Mobile Champ & Email


Chris Bright Chris.Bright(at)microsoft.com

Dave Glover (DPE MELBOURNE) dglover(at)microsoft.com


Andreas Schabus Andreas.Schabus(at)microsoft.com

Max Knor Max.Knor(at)microsoft.com


Katrien De Graeve Katrien.DeGraeve(at)microsoft.com

David Hernie dhernie(at)microsoft.com


Silvia Valadares silviav(at)microsoft.com

Caio Chaves Garcez caiog(at)microsoft.com


Paul Laberge paul.laberge(at)microsoft.com

Joey DeVilla joey.devilla(at)microsoft.com


Wilson Pais wilson.pais(at)microsoft.com


Liwei Zhao liweiz(at)microsoft.com

Felix Yan Felix.Yan(at)microsoft.com

Simon Duan simon.duan(at)microsoft.com

Czech Republic

Filip Rehorik Filip.Rehorik(at)microsoft.com


Walter Novoa (Adecco) v-wnovoa(at)microsoft.com

Ricardo Marulanda ricardo.marulanda(at)microsoft.com


Bjarne Dollerup Bjarne.Dollerup(at)microsoft.com


Jukka Wallasvaara Jukka.Wallasvaara(at)microsoft.com


Antoine Markarian antoinem(at)microsoft.com

Pierre Cauchois pierreca(at)microsoft.com

Alex Danvy Alex.Danvy(at)microsoft.com


Frank Prengel Frank.Prengel(at)microsoft.com

Bernhard Carli bernhard.carli(at)microsoft.com


Gina Tiriakidou ginati(at)microsoft.com

Hong Kong

Andy Cheung (HK DPE) ancheung(at)microsoft.com


Zsolt Batorfi zbatorfi(at)microsoft.com


Girish C Joshi girishcj(at)microsoft.com


Irving Hutagalung irving.hutagalung(at)microsoft.com


Dave Northey daven(at)microsoft.com


Roberto Cavallini Roberto.Cavallini(at)microsoft.com

Lorenzo Barbieri Lorenzo.Barbieri(at)microsoft.com


Shinobu Takahashi Shinobu.Takahashi(at)microsoft.com

Akira Onishi aonishi(at)microsoft.com


Jinho Seo jinho.seo(at)microsoft.com

Kyoung Yoon Kim kykim(at)microsoft.com


Hoong Fai Lai lai.hoongfai(at)microsoft.com


Edgar Omar Aviles Rosas Omar.Aviles(at)microsoft.com


Matthijs Hoekstra Matthijs.Hoekstra(at)microsoft.com

New Zealand

Nigel Parker nigel.parker(at)microsoft.com

Mike Zeff mike.zeff(at)microsoft.com


Petri Tapio Wilhelmsen petwil(at)microsoft.com


Zandra Nicolas alnichol(at)microsoft.com


Bartlomiej Zass Bartlomiej.Zass(at)microsoft.com


Nuno Silva Nuno.Silva(at)microsoft.com

Puerto Rico

Yamille Morales ymorales(at)microsoft.com


Mik Chernomordikov mikcher(at)microsoft.com

Vladimir Kolesnikov vladkol(at)microsoft.com


Chris Ismael chism(at)microsoft.com

South Africa

Nyaladzi Mpofu nmpofu(at)microsoft.com


Isabel Gomez Miragaya isabelg(at)microsoft.com

Elisa Garcia Anzano elisa.garcia(at)microsoft.com


Dag König dagk(at)microsoft.com


Stefano Malle Stefano.Malle(at)microsoft.com

Sascha Corti sascha.corti(at)microsoft.com


Eric ShangKuan ericsk(at)microsoft.com


Ekaraj Kongswangwongsa ekarajk(at)microsoft.com


William Coleman wcoleman(at)microsoft.com

Paul Foster paulfo(at)microsoft.com

Mike Ormond Mike.Ormond(at)microsoft.com


Joe Shirey joe.shirey(at)microsoft.com

Reza Alizadeh rezaali(at)microsoft.com

Christian Thilmany christhi(at)microsoft.com

Max Zilberman max.zilberman(at)microsoft.com

Rob Cameron Rob.Cameron(at)microsoft.com



Windows Phone Mango (almost) rtm version and tools refresh available

windows-phone-logoIf you’d like to get the latest features like twitter, LinkedIn etc. to your developer Mango phone now that’s possible.



Now you can download the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 “Beta 2 Refresh” from the ‘Mango’ Connect site. We’ve received positive feedback on the Mango tools and bits we’ve shared, but appreciate that many devs are still interested in working with a more complete build. Today’s refresh of the tools represent a month of great progress by the engineering team, further refining and improving the Mango developer experience.

If that isn’t exciting enough, Microsoft also pushed an OS update to the Microsoft Update servers, allowing you to refresh retail Windows Phones that devs updated to Mango over the last month.

Check out the details from http://windowsteamblog.com/windows_phone/b/wpdev/archive/2011/07/27/wpsdk-beta-2-refresh-for-mango-devs.aspx and Start your engines