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Free Developer and Design mentoring available for your Windows 8 app (9th–10th of November)

This is something that YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS!!


WOWZAPP is a worldwide Windows 8
coding and learning event organized by Microsoft. There will be 6 anchor points  and many satellite locations simultaneously around the world.


will host the anchor event for Western Europe! All of the events will start at 17:00 their local time and continue with a overnight coding and learning night aka the hackathon.

Check it out now at www.microsoft.fi/wowzapp



Why 24 hour night coding you may ask…

As Finland is an anchor location there will be many professional developer and designer onsite helping you during the hackathon. If you have a challenge in your project we’re there to solve it with you.

You’ll have the mentors reserved the whole time to help and if you have any problem that we can’t resolve with you there’s many other professionals simultaneously elsewhere in the world that we can connect with to be able to answer your questions.

NOW It’s time to register

for the greatest event ever! WOWZAPP will be a chance for you to meet a bunch of fellow developers from around the world, experience the newest devices and take your app to the next phase !

Register now at www.microsoft.fi/wowzapp

The event is free of charge

we’ll provide you with the training, mentors, food & beverages and a lot of fun activity through the code-night!
You don’t need any previous experience with Windows 8 app development, we’ll teach you! All you need is your amazing self and your laptop with Windows 8!

“but I already started a project”

no worries, then we can help you to tweak your app to be beutiful , fast and fluent and ready to be published to the Windows Store with potential 700 000 000 users.

Learn from the best

During the event we’ll have a ton of mentors to assist you with your app development. There will be local trainers and experts from our partners, such as Avanade, Symbio, User Intelligence and many more! There will also be international trainers like Arturo Toledo and Microsoft experts and product group representatives, to answer your toughest questions!

To get the most out of the experience you should sign up for either one of the workshops (App or Game) and the 24h code-night! There is also a extremely interesting Windows & Windows Phone seminar on Thursday, that you can attend!

Showcase your skills


It’s not just about developing apps, it’s about the community and the whole experience! During the event you’ll get to learn from fellow developers and designers. This is a great chance to showcase your apps to Microsoft staff and possibly get some extra visibility and promotion for your application.  We’ll also have some extra activity available for all of you through the night, so you will definitely be entertained!

We’ll also have the great Channel9 team join us for the event, so you’re definitely in for a treat!


“so what do I need to participate?” you may ask…

You need yourself and perhaps some colleagues to form a team, your laptops with Windows 8 on it and Windows 8 developer tools. If you don’t have the software we’ll provide them. Check out how to get ready for this awesome opportunity.

“what do I get from this?” you may ask…

well…the experience, the mentors, the connections, your great Windows 8 app, extra visibility to you app.

…and not to mention that you might walk away with brand new Windows 8 tablet and much much more..

For the great app ideas that you build the first version for Windows 8 and plan to build it for phone you might even get 20 000 € granted by AppCampus


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