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The Windows 8 parties starts…NOW! Final Tools are available!

Tiles on the Start screen

Microsoft just published the blog post Windows 8 RTM is available for developers and new RTM developer content in the Windows Dev Center: http://dev.windows.com. The blog details how to get an evaluation version of Windows 8 RTM if you’re not part of one of our programs, touches on what’s new in the Dev Center, and overviews the migration guide for apps built on RP. 

Windows Dev Center RTM bits are now live!


  • Developer downloads – This single page gives access to all of the downloads you need to build apps, including Windows 8 RTM, Visual Studio Express 2012, design assets, code samples, and additional SDKs and tools.
  • Design resources – All Windows 8 design resources are located at design.windows.com. See case studies, category guidance, and get a new downloadable version of the UX guidelines for Windows 8 apps.
  • As you learn the design principles and guidelines, you’ll go through incremental learning – starting with requirements and then eventually to being able to generalize and see the basis for the guidelines. Be sure to watch this training at www.windowsuserexperience.com to help hone your depth of understanding. Once, twice, three times or more – You won’t regret it.
  • I encourage you to learn fundamental concepts around the grid and International Typographic Style (also known as Swiss style – see typography guidelines for Windows specific information). Grids are very familiar to those who have focused on web design, so now learn how grid patterns are applied to apps and the broader horizon. These two fundamentals will put you on the right course in decisions and problem solving around focusing the app on content and creating simple and honest design.
  • Developer content – The ‘Docs’ section of the Windows Dev Center is updated for RTM including more detailed API docs, new How-to articles, a new section for developing apps with C++ and DirectX, and many more samples.
  • Selling content – Find the Windows Store markets, how to price apps, and the latest versions of the Windows Store Agreements including the App Certification Requirements.
  • Community content – Access to developer forums, blogs, Dev Camps, and contacts and event listings
  • Windows 8 Developer Camps – Windows 8 Developer Camps are free, fun, no-fluff events for developers, by developers. You learn from experts in a low-key, interactive way and then get hands-on time to apply what you’ve learned, and we’ll be continuing them throughout the year, and will soon be adding Windows 8 Designer Camps as well. 

Blogs to read

Our engineering and Windows Store teams are blogging regularly. Remember to check these out.

· Windows 8 app developer blog: Get coding and design best practices and tips, and updates on events and offers for developers.

· Windows Store for developers blog: Get all the latest news on doing business in the Windows Store.

The fun starts now…ENJOY


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