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SkyDrive APIs for Docs and Photos—now ready to cloud enable apps on Windows 8, Windows Phone and more

windows-live-logoWith the announcements on Windows Store we wanted to share new work we were doing to help developers on Windows, Windows Phone and other platforms use SkyDrive in their applications. A few months ago as part of the preview of Windows Live for Windows 8, we announced the availability of the developer preview, the next version of the Live Connect APIs and the newly created Live SDK. A major change to the API was to address feedback we’d gotten from developers about access to SkyDrive. The primary change for SkyDrive was providing the ability for applications to fully access, upload and share documents, photos and videos from a user’s cloud storage in SkyDrive.

With the integration into Windows Phone and Windows 8, SkyDrive is a key part of your “device cloud,” letting you work and play easily across your PC and phone. SkyDrive also works with apps like Microsoft Office and OneNote so you can organize, collaborate and share from anywhere. We believe that the most value for our customers comes when more people and more apps can connect to the cloud from most available devices. This goes beyond device platforms and applications built by Microsoft. With this API change, any app on any platform now gets to take advantage of the fact that any user with a Windows Live ID, including every Windows 8 user, has free cloud storage in SkyDrive that they can integrate into their experience to access their documents and photos.

I’m happy to tell that the new version of the Live Connect APIs and the Live SDK for Windows Phone has now shipped. Please read more to learn more about what’s available now, or visit the Live Connect developer center to get even more details.

Enjoy !!

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