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New Windows Phone is here and goes on tour around Finland – Geeks On Wheels registration is open.



Check the the locations and register now:


8:00 AM
Arrival and Registration

9:00 AM
General information for Students
We’re going to talk about the tour, MSP-program, student tech clubs, ImagineCup and huippuedullinen.fi,
ITAcademy & FacultyConnection.

9:45 AM

10:00 AM
Windows Phone 7.5 Overview for Developers
Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) is a different kind of phone, architected to put the focus on end users and the people important to them. Developers on the Windows Phone platform build compelling, connected experiences that enhance the phone and integrate tightly with the end-user experience. In this session we’ll provide an overview of Windows Phone device and platform and discuss why you should make Windows Phone a platform for your apps.

10:45 AM
Building Windows Phone 7.5 Applications with Visual Studio 2010
In this session we’ll review how with Visual Studio you get all the tools you need to get your app to market fast. We’ll cover the basic tools for building Windows Phone apps including creating, editing, compiling and debugging. We’ll also cover deploying to physical devices and to the emulator for testing.

11:45 AM

12:45 AM
Building Windows Phone 7.5 Apps with Silverlight
This session will get you started building your first application. We’ll cover tooling and extensibility. We’ll also dive into the unique "Metro" design of Windows Phone and how with Silverlight your apps can feel to the end-user as if they are native. We’ll also show you how Expression Blend speeds collaboration between designers and coders.

1:45 PM
Windows Phone 7.5 Fast Application Switching, Tombstoning and Multitasking
With Windows Phone 7.5 comes the ability for users to switch quickly between running applications. This dramatically enhances the end-user experience and will be expected by end-users. In this session you’ll learn how fast app switching works and how to prepare your application for this new functionality. Finally we’ll cover how to incorporate background tasks into your applications for notifications, file transfers and audio.

2:45 PM

3:00 PM
Live Tiles and Push Notifications
The Live Tile is a defining experience of the Windows Phone 7.5 platform (Mango) and end-users have come to expect apps to provide full support for that. In this session we’ll dive deep into Live Tiles to review what they are, how to include them in your apps, as well as how to leverage the Push Notification service. We’ll also cover the newer capabilities in Mango including: multiple Live Tiles per app, Live Tiles that don’t require server side infrastructure and linking directly from toast notifications deep into pages of your app.

3:45 PM
Best Practices
Best practices from Artudo Toledo’s session (Marketing Product Manager, Silverlight & Expression team, Microsoft Corporation Redmond)

4:30 PM
Monetizing a Windows Phone 7.5 Application
This session will provide you with the insights you need into the tools and processes necessary to begin distributing and monetize your app in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Windows Phone 7.5 provides several distinctive characteristics (e.g. trial API) that you’ll take advantage of to build applications that stand out.

5:00 PM
What’s Next / Resources
In this hand-out you will find a road map for further learning on other and more advanced capabilities. We’ll send you on your way with a detailed list of resources that will help you stay on track as you design and develop your windows Phone app.

Event ends

Check out the the locations and register now

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