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Windows Phone Marketplace Developer Newsletter (September 2011)


Windows Phone SDK 7.1: Now Available

The final release of the Windows Phone SDK 7.1 is now available for download. This Release to Web (RTW) release consists of seven additional release languages, final finishing touches to the tooling experience, a handful of bug fixes, and additional upgrade logic to provide a better installation process for users coming from previous versions of the tools. Read more.

‘Mango’ OS Beta: Updating from 7712 to RTM

Developers can now update their devices to Windows Phone 7.5 without having to fall back to the backup taken at the beginning of the provisioning process. This update is being made available to those running build 7712 on a retail device that was updated using the provisioning tool we published to Connect a couple months ago. Read more.

Microsoft APS Ad Control in 11 new countries

International expansion for the Microsoft Advertising solution for Windows Phone app developers has been one of your top requests. I’m pleased to confirm that we have expanded our international footprint beyond the United States and can now support developers in eleven MORE countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom. Read more.

Check out the new web marketplace

In addition to providing users with a PC-based browse and purchase experience, it is also an excellent way for you to easily see apps and games available in all markets Marketplace supports around the world and how your app is faring in terms of top and free lists in every country. Since, the web marketplace is available on the web, you can also see the newest apps there and get the most real-time information about your and competitor apps as they happen. Visit the new web marketplace.

Submit Windows Phone 7.5 Apps today; Update 7.0 Apps in October

We are happy to report today that by the end of October we will enable functionality in App Hub that will allow you to publish updates to both the 7.0 and 7.5 versions of your apps. We also recommend that you identify the Windows Phone 7.5 functionally of your app in both your app description and (if needed) in the screenshots. Read more.

Cross-submit your apps to new markets

With 19 new markets supported, you have the opportunity to increase your downloads and grow sales of your 7.0 and 7.5 apps. How? It doesn’t happen automatically, but it is not too hard either. You simply need to log into AppHub and for each app add any or all of the new markets to the publish list. Once doing do, in less than a day these apps will show up to users in each of the new markets and be available for acquisition. Windows Phone 7.5 devices launched in Japan and Russia within the last month, and more on coming on every day with the availability of the Windows Phone 7.5 update and new devices. Learn more.

PhoneGap mobile HTML5 framework adding support for Windows Phone Mango

We’re very excited to join Nitobi to announce availability of a PhoneGap beta supporting Windows Phone Mango. This new option to build applications targeting Windows Phone gives more choices to developers. In particular, Web developers will be able to easily leverage their HTML5 skills to target Windows Phone. Get the beta version.

Nokia Developers: learn Windows Phone even faster

Microsoft and Nokia have worked together to build a great package to help you get started creating applications for Windows Phone. This helpful package contains tools and documentation to help you along the path to learning Windows Phone development. Get the tools.

#WPAppItUp wrap-up

About two months ago we issued a challenge to student developers: create an awesome Sketchflow prototype for an app. The reward: be one of the best and win one of 50 HTC Mazaa developer devices. We’ve seen some inspired, innovative ideas (see round 1 and round 2 winners). See the winners.
Mango checks in at //BUILD
The buzz at the //build conference was truly inspirational. Windows Phone has come a long way in only 18 months. Matt Bencke, General Manager of Windows Phone Apps, gives Windows Phone Developers an update from //BUILD. Read the article.


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