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The Surface 2.0 SDK available

surfaceMicrosoft announced the release of the Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK and new developer center. Please go to www.msdn.com/windows/surface to get the SDK and use the training and tools for application development.

Surface 2.0 SDK Highlights:

The Microsoft® Surface® 2.0 SDK makes it easy to create engaging experiences, using multitouch and object interaction, for the next generation device for Microsoft Surface – the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface.

The Microsoft® Surface® 2.0 SDK is a set of controls, APIs, templates, tools, sample applications, and documentation for application developers.  Using the familiar .NET Framework 4.0, Windows Presentation Framework 4.0 (WPF) or XNA framework 4.0, and the Surface 2.0 SDK, developers can create applications that take advantage of the new PixelSense™ technology delivered in the Surface 2.0 platform. The Surface 2.0 SDK replaces the Surface Toolkit for Windows Touch beta that was released in 2010.

Starting now, application developers can download the free Surface 2.0 SDK and take advantage of training and resources at www.msdn.com/windows/surface



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