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How Students can sell their apps at the Marketplace for free?

Students can register for a free App Hub membership so they can submit and manage application for the Windows Phone and Xbox 360. You can also download the free Windows Phone Development Tools from App Hub. It also has some great articles like XNA Game Studio or Silverlight: Which Product is Right for Me? And some more advanced guides like Windows Phone Silverlight Application Life Cycle.

I’m going to show you how to register yourself a free App Hub membership through DreamSpark.

Verify as a student

Before you can register yourself an student account at App Hub, you have to verify that you’re a student through DreamSpark, so go to www.dreamspark.com and sign in with your Live ID.


Now select Get Verified. Then select your country and verify as a Student. Now you can verify yourself in 3 ways.

Activation Code

You might have gotten a DreamSpark Activation Code from somewhere that you can use. You can get these from different events that are organized Microsoft for students. In Finland you can get an activation code from a Student Tech Club or some Microsoft Student Partner organized event.


You can also order an International Student Indentification Card and use it to verify yourself. You could order this for example from Kilroy for 12€.


Your school might be listed in the DreamSpark system so you could verify yourself by using your schools credentials. A lot of the schools in Finland are listed, so make sure to check for your school for there.


Once you’ve been successfully verified you’ll be ready to get your App Hub membership for free! So go on to App Hub and you’ll be directed to the “account creation”-page.

Just select your country, select Student and make sure you read and accept the Terms of Use.


Next you’ll just need to fill in just personal information and press next.


You’ll be then presented a set of images from where you can choose an image to represent you in the forums. You can also select a Gamertag for your Xbox LIVE Development.

Then you’re ready with your registration and you’ll receive an email confirmation. Now note that your identity will be verified with your first app submission to the marketplace. This means that you’ll need to try to publish some application to the marketplace to get verified. Usually this means that you’d create a Hello World-app and send it over there. The app will be rejected but your account will be verified J


You’ll see an email from App Hub asking you to confirm your email address by click on a link in the email. Note again that your account has now the “pending”-status. The actual identity validation of your account will start once you try to submit your first app to the marketplace.

Now go to “my dashboard” and submit your first app to get the identity verification process started!

For the application submission you’ll need to provide

– Name, description and other common information about your application

– A xap-file, for example your Hello World app

– Application tile images (173×173, 99×99, 200×200)

– Screenshots (480×960)

– Define how do you want to distribute it (price, trial-mode, distribution area)

Edit your profile

You can access your profile from the link on the upper right side of the page. Over there you can configure your profile and view/unregister your devices and check your payee details.

Please remember

1. Students can also register up to 3 devices

Many presentations and locations claim that Students can register only 1 device, but apparently when you access your profile you’ll notice that you can also register up to 3 devices.

2. Limited developer apps can be deployed to the phone

Most of the app should come from the marketplace to your phone. This is why you can deploy only limited developer applications to you phone. You can find the instructions for this over at MSDN How to: Use the Application Deployment Tool for Windows Phone


Special thanks to DigTheDrazen – MSP Lead in Finland for exploring this process and putting this great guide up.

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