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ImagineCup 2011– Software Design Category’s Finnish Winner are…


WP_000138Team 25K from Turku won the Finnish semifinals are heading to New York to represent Finland…again!!!

  • Petteri Lehtonen
  • Johanne Maliranta
  • Kimmo Koski

Congratulations Guys!



The semifinals can be now viewed on demand @ http://www.videonet.fi/microsoft/2011/imaginecup


Poverty. Hunger. Education. Environment. Health. There are many challenges facing our world today, but did you ever imagine you could help solve them? It’s true. The Software Design competition is all about you (yes you!) creating real-world applications and solutions that can help people and communities around the globe.

The Software Design competition challenges students to explore their own creativity by using technology to solve what they consider to be the toughest problems facing the world today. The Imagine Cup provides the incentive, but the competitors provide the genius behind innovative, dynamic, and powerful software applications. Using Microsoft tools and technology, competitors can unleash their ideas and technical talent to create cutting edge software applications. Students will develop, test, and build their ideas into applications that can change the world.

In order to help you to better understand this year’s theme – “Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems" – we recommend familiarizing yourselves with the eight United Nations Millennium Development Goals (“MDGs”). The MDGs identify some of the toughest challenges in the world today. Learn more about the 2011 Theme.

You’ll find more the information about the ImagineCup competition, all the different categories and the Imagine Cup Official Rules at www.imaginecup.com.


Semifinals in FinlandImagine Cup 2011 Software Design Finnish Local Competition’s

 TOP 4 teams Announcement ! ! !

The Finnish Semifinalist have now been decided. After really tight judging the Judge panel have found the four teams that will continue in the Software Design Category towards  Kuopio.

The Top 4 semifinalist teams that will be presenting their projects in ImagineCup Finnish Semifinals in Kuopio on 5th of May are (in alphabetic order ):




Haaga-Helia University Of Applied Sciences


Lappeenranta University Of Technology

Team 25k

University Of Turku

Team Clover

Lappeenranta University Of Technology

Good luck to the semifinals teams.

Those of the many teams that didn’t make it to the semifinals will be provided feedback from the judges. The competition between top 6 was really tight so even small adjustments next year could change the game totally. Don’t give up your visions and dreams, the world still needs all the help it can get and you can make it happen.

In Kuopio, each team will present its software solution in the form of a twenty (20) minute presentation, along with a fifteen (15) minute question and answer period. Teams will be scored based on the judging criteria set forth below. The winning team that will represent Finland in ImagineCup 2011 Finals in New York will be announced at the end of the day of 5th of May. The Finals will be also streamed live, so even though you couldn’t come to Kuopio, you still can see the Finnish Finals.


Criteria Description Weighting
Problem Definition How precise and relevant is the real world problem? How interesting or difficult to resolve – functionally or technically – is the problem being challenged? For this criterion, we only focus on the problem challenged, not on the solution created to solve this problem. How well does the project adhere to the current 2011 Theme? 10%
Solution Design & Innovation Does the application approach a new problem, or look at an old problem in a new way? Is the solution completely innovative or does it rely on an existing concept/technology? Does the application impact a large number of people very broadly, or impact a smaller number of people very deeply? To which degree does the application actually solve the current problem? 35%
Technical Architecture & User Experience Is the system architecture broken down into logical chunks and modules? Is the project technically open to some evolution? Is it only made with a monolithic block or does it present interfaces enabling extensions (SDKs or APIs)? To which degree are the HMI (Human Machine Interfaces) intuitive, ergonomic and user friendly? Does the application leverage the presence of fresh and updated data? 30%
Business Viability Is the application technically and economically viable? Is this solution only theoretical or does it have a realistic application for commercial purposes? (Not necessarily here and now, but eventually in the future and/or for certain markets). 15%
Presentation The judges will be looking for written/oral presentations that provide background and context to the project, explain why the problem is an interesting one, highlight how the system works, and include an insightful demonstration. Semifinals Teams will also be evaluated on their ability to take questions from the judging panel.


It’s time to change the world, even with small steps.

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