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Interactive Media Player Brings PDC to Developers Worldwide

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PDC10: News at a glance

· Internet Explorer 9, Platform Preview 6:  Microsoft underscored its continued commitment to HTML5 and showed how developers can take advantage of the full hardware acceleration and site-centric design in IE9 to tap into the power of PC hardware.  Since the launch of IE9 Beta in September, there have been over 10 million downloads.  Over 70 partners, representing over two thirds of the active web traffic and including Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon are already building on the capabilities in IE9 and HTML5.  Microsoft announced Internet Explorer Platform Preview 6 which includes support for semantic tags and CSS3 2D transforms.

· Windows Phone: With more than half-a-million downloads of the free Windows Phone Developer Tools to date, the Windows Phone Marketplace is launching with more than 1000 quality games and applications.  We’ll highlight the growing list of companies that are betting on Windows Phone 7 including Bejeweled, Intuit, Amazon.com, and Facebook.  Register now to submit Windows Phone Marketplace applications.

· Windows Azure:  Windows Azure presents opportunities for developers to build applications for the cloud that take advantage of Microsoft’s unique platform-as-a-service (PaaS) operating system.  With the capabilities in Windows Azure, developers can take advantage of the true promise of the cloud by applying infinite compute resources to help solve the biggest – and smallest – challenges, from building new businesses to solving complex global challenges.  Among the specific features/enhancements include:

o Customer Adoption: The PDC keynote featured a proof of concept demo from Pixar, who is bringing their RenderMan application to Windows Azure

o Windows Azure Virtual Machine Role eases the migration of existing Windows Server applications to Windows Azure.

o Server Application Virtualization for Windows Azure enables customers to deploy virtualized application images onto the Windows Azure worker role rather than the VM Role.

o Windows Azure Marketplace is a single online marketplace for developers and IT professionals to share, find, buy and sell finished services and applications.  DataMarket (formerly ‘Dallas’) is an “aisle” in the Windows Azure Marketplace that provides access to premium third party data, web services, and self-service business intelligence and analytics.

o “TFS Online” is a proof-of-concept of Team Foundation Server on Windows Azure, which shows that steps have been made toward cloud-hosted Application Lifecycle Management.

o Extra Small Windows Azure Instances, priced at $0.05 per compute hour in order, make the process of development, testing and trial easier for developers. 

o Windows Azure AppFabric Composition Model and Composite App Service provide a “composite” application development environment to help developers streamline the process of assembling, managing and deploying various home-grown and third-party services that span the web, middle tier and database in the cloud. 

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