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Live Maps Finland – uusi versio kaikkien käytössä!

Nyt kannattaa käydä kokeilemassa uusittua suomalaista Live karttapalvelua osoitteessa: http://maps.live.fi.

Tuossa on todella hienoja uusia ominaisuuksia ja muutamista niistä alla lisää… 

Top 5 New Features


Live Maps Finland now has the 3D view activated. This allows viewing the world in all dimensions, gives access to near-real-time weather and a growing number of 3D cities around the globe. Bird’s Eye overlay allows overlying the 3D view with our real bird’s eye photography.  

Video on 3D in VE

Explore Collections

It is now possible to explore collections on Live Maps Finland. Collections are user generated content that is collected from all over the web. Zoom in and click on “Kokoelma” to view all areas of interest on the map.


Users can now not only share map links in mail but also publish them to their blog with just one click.

Walking Directions

The routing engine now allows the creation of walking directions which gives you the quickest way suitable for pedestrians.  

Hill-shaded maps

In the road view the new hill-shaded maps style gives a good impression of the terrain. And it looks much nicer, too J


Other new features

    • Outlook vCards: Business addresses can be opened as vCards in Outlook.

    • Market header: This allows users to switch to another market if they don’t like being redirected to the Finnish site.

    • Virtual Earth webservice for geo-coding: It provides much better results compared to the old MWS.

    • New partner web service: We now support the new web service of our YP partner Fonecta.

    • Improved UX: Better error handling and smaller changes to improve the user experience.

    • VE 6.2 API: We now use the latest version of the VE API which is responsible for many of the major improvements we have in this site.


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